Avi Karpick

Avi Karpick

Avi Karpick

For the past thirty years I have worked internationally as a Director of Photography, with shoots – both in films and commercials - in every corner of the world. Over the years I've perfected my precision and pace, and focused on the unique niches that best suit my skills.

I see this as the greatest challenge a DP faces today: how to surprise an audience. I respond by testing the limits of what's been done before. My goal is to bring a poetic elegance into every shot, pushing a shoot to stay one step ahead of the pack.

I can capture the attention of my audience in a fraction of a second, often by coloring outside the lines. I work for the a one-of-a-kind shot, the hook that pulls the commercial out of the ordinary and turns it into a classic.

In underwater photography, I dive into a shoot with a photographer's head first, and then I turn my love of water into spectacular images.

For Tabletop, whether the setting is a shimmering white limbo, a cool body of water, a stainless steel counter, or a wooden table, I instantly transform it into a circus arena. I'm the chief choreographer. Creating shots of food moving, gliding, diving, colliding, and mixing is a lot like composing a dance. I design mood, image, sound, movement, and color which give the photographed food a flavor one can almost taste. This is the only time where I get to play with my food.

Our guiding philosophy: in order to serve viewers food that truly awakens their taste buds, we must exemplify great taste ourselves. what I do, I do out of great passion. Passion to capture images. Passion for creating an unforgettable moment. And with this passion comes a desire. The desire for perfection. The desire to shoot images more interesting, more beautiful, and more compelling than ever before.

*Avi Karpick is represented in Mexico by Contenido Neto Producciones without exclusivity. All this commercials are part of Avi Karpick's demo reel, and appear here only for marketing purposes.