Louis-Pascal Couvelaire

Louis-Pascal Couvelaire

Louis-Pascal Couvelaire

In 2002, Louis-Pascal Couvelaire made his first feature film, SWEAT, an action thriller starring Jean-Hughes Anglade, Joachim de Almeida, Cyrille Thouvenin and Sagamore Stévenin. Michel Vaillant is his second feature film produced by Luc Besson.

Before dedicating himself to films, Louis-Pascal Couvelaire first earned himself a solid reputation in advertising. For over twenty years, he made more than 600 advertising films for renowned clients such as Coca-Cola, Renault, PEPSI, Citroën, Agusta helicopters, Alenia, Ariston, Daewoo, Duracell, Fiat, Finmeccanica, Hitachi, Honda, Johnson, Seat and Toyota.

He has been awarded innumerable prizes amongst which are the bronze Medal at the 1998 International New York Festival for the Citroën Xsara advertisement featuring Claudia Schiffer, the silver Medal for Honda in the same competition, the First Prize at the Montréal Francophonie Festival for his advert for Carte Noire coffee, the bronze Lion at the Advertising Films Festival in Cannes for Metaspirine, two prizes at the Biarritz Festival for Citroën, and the Francophonie Prize for the Royal Air Maroc advert.
He specializes in cars, trucks, motocycles, planes and helicopters and in 2009 made a five minute Imax movie for the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

Louis started to work in TV by directing and producing a 52 minute documentary for ARTE :The mystery of the White Bird in 2010. In 2011, he directed three pilot episodes of a TV thriller for France 2 : ANTIGONE 34. Then in 2014 he directed four 26 minute documentaries for Arte on war reportage : Mémoire de l'Oubli.

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