Two Of Us

Two Of Us is a London-based TV commercial boutique production company founded by Gianni Cerretani with the support of his best and closest directors form previous experiences with a South-African production house and two different British production companies.
At the end of 2008, after almost a decade spent at shots Magazine, Gianni began his journey into production via some of his contacts form shots and the Cannes Lions. Now, he produces and represents the very talented and award-winning director Corydon Wagner (in his capacity as his personal EP) while also cooperating with top comedy director Brian Baderman (Highly acclaimed for his vital contribution to the Diesel global and campaigns), tabletop master Vittorio Sacco and creative and versatile Thomas Hall. The four contribute to an image of Two Of Us as a recognised company of high professional standards, fond audience, and global reach.
Two Of Us has access to a number of established, decorated directors as well as young talent perfect for many occasions. With our introduction into the wonderful arena of commercial production, we are proud to manage successful loans and for the benefit of creative agencies and renowned clients.